How long will it serve up a disconnected site

I recently removed my domain from Cloudflare as I don’t need it anymore. I pointed the store URL to the Shopify server via my domain provider console. That server is not showing up when I browse the URL even though it is showing as propogated to the shopify server. Instead I get a redirect back to my old non-shopify site.

I thought it was just needing time to propogate, but that’s been 3 days now.

Am I seeing my old site because that is still cached around the world on Cloudflare’s distributed assets? If so, how long until it lets go of it and allows the new DNS settings to be called, and hence let the URL connect to the server it is actually pointed at? How long will it perpetuate the old site that’s not connected anymore?

Could be your ISP DNS cache? Tried testing your A/NS records for your domain at

The tests of the A record on that site is showing it is pointing to the Shopify server. I spoke to Shopify support and he ran a tool to say that it is detecting Cloudflare and I should contact cloudflare and make sure that it is all completely disconnected as the cloudflare is still making it point to your old store which is why its not directing customers to your Shopify store. Attached is the reading from their diagnostic tool

On the Cloudflare front, a few days ago, I went into Cloudflare and deleted all the A Records, and everything in fact, and disconnected the website from my Cloudflare account. I thought that was enough to clean it up and avoid this issue. On the domain registrar admin, I also changed the name server settings so they no longer point to Cloudflare. So I thought I would be clear of it

At this point, your domain is not using Cloudflare name servers, and the IP address for your site resolves to

The ball is totally in Shopify’s court. They need to fix this so they can get your storefront working.

There is something cached somewhere that is holding the old name server settings and implicating Cloudflare,

Where could it be cached?

I can try and escalate it with them, but they’re likely to point at their tool and say ‘call Cloudflare’, so I’ll be stuck.

DNS clearly points to an address that resolves as Even their tool shows this. That’s pretty ballsy for them to say “Yes, it points to our IP address, but it doesn’t return our headers. It’s somebody else’s fault, so why don’t you go off and fix it for us?”

If they can’t fix their own IP address, maybe you should look for a competent storefront host.

Seriously, take your business elsewhere. Shopify can’t get their act together. They pay tons of money to Cloudflare and have Live Chat as well as 1 Hour email support.

Meanwhile, here you are 3 days later with a Shopify site you’re paying for that doesn’t work.


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