How long until Worker KV pairs are completely deleted?

Under Deleting key-value pairs it says:

await NAMESPACE.delete(key)

This will remove the key and value from your namespace. As with any operations, it may take some time to see that they key has been deleted from various points at the edge.

At most how long does that take? I’m especially interested in knowing how long it will take await NAMESPACE.get(deleted_key) to return null.

My assumption would be that the deletion duration matches the initial read consistency speed.

While writes will often be visible globally immediately, it can take up to 60 seconds before reads in all edge locations are guaranteed to see the new value.

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You may find it useful to ask in the Workers Discord community.

60 seconds is fine. But I must ask, do workers execute for that long or will they time out?

They don’t (though see Workers Unbound for more on the future of the execution limit).

Your CPU limit will be 10ms or 50ms, dependent on your plan (free vs. bundled).

The 60 seconds in that snippet refers to if I hit the datacenter at CDG and write a value to Workers KV, then subsequent requests in AMS or another datacenter will take up to 60s for that new value to be visible on reads. I’d assume it’s similar for deletions.