How long until Firewall rules take effect?

I’m testing a firewall rule I added and it’s very simple but doesn’t work.

URI Contains xmlrpc.php

I’m still able to hit xmlrpc.php on the website. The only thing I can think of is the rules haven’t taken effect yet. It’s been about 20 minutes, how long until I can expect it to work?

Can you post a screenshot of that rule?

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:wave: @user8453,

Typically sub 30 seconds.

— OG

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That looks alright and should block it. Whats the URL? And is it in the right order with the other rules?

The url is

It’s the only rule for this domain. I’ve tested it by going to the url in the browser and also with this:

That is not the URL :wink:

You obviously need to post the actual URL.

Which nameservers are provided under the DNS tab?||

In that case that should work.

You said that is the only rule, right? You also dont have any whitelistings under IP access rules?

In this case I would suggest to remove this rule, wait a minute, and set it up again from scratch. Should it then still not work, open a support ticket.

It’s been added and removed multiple times, with me changing things around to see what the problem could be.

I’ll open that ticket, thanks.

Double check that you dont have any other firewall rules or any IP access rules which could whitelist.

Firewall Rules Configuration Settings Change Delays was most likely the reason.

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