How Long Until A Deleted DNS Record Can Be Re-Added?


Today I have been migrating our hosting to the new business Google Workspace account and part of that had to re-add some DNS records. Google Cloud offered to do it automatically and in the process deleted the CNAME for ghs-googlehosted-com (apparently I cannot add links) which is needed for my Cloud Run app to be reachable.
I tried re-adding it but I keep getting an error about the record with that name already existing (despite not being displayed in DNS records).
How long will it take before I can re-add it? So far it has been 2+ hours and no luck.

Thanks for your help.

If Google deleted the record, it probably added a record with that name.
Can you show a screenshot of your dashboard or share your domain to be certain?

Hi Laudian,

There are no other CNAME records that Google Cloud created.
Here are the DNS records for the domain (all for the root @):

I wonder if the CNAME for ghs-googlehosted-com is soft deleted in the Cloudflare database at the moment?

Thanks for your help.

You have A and AAAA records for the root domain. Those and CNAME are mutually exclusive. You’ll probably have to use a subdomain for one of the apps, especially if they both run on port 80.


CNAME records contain two names. The alias is always in the zone where the record is created. The canonical name, which can be thought of as the target, may be in the same or another zone. In your case, it is in a zone operated by Google.

The message see about a duplicate name always is in reference to the alias. The alias used by a CNAME must be unique and cannot coexist with A or AAAA records. The canonical name has no such restriction and may appear in as many CNAME records as you require.

As indicated in the reply from @Laudian, once you locate and remove the other records occupying the label as the alias, you will be able to add the CNAME.


Thank you, and Laudian, for your help.
I have now resolved the issue and access my Cloud Run service.

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