How long to propagate to Cloudflare?

How long does it take to fully propagate after changing the Nameservers DNS to Cloudflare?
my site is
thank you

It can take up to 48 hours, but I’m not see Cloudflare name servers listed anywhere for your domain. I usually see one or two locations with the update. Are you sure you updated the WHOIS name servers at your domain registrar?

Yes i sure , i deleted nameservers …four links

and i wrote two nameservers four Cloud and cloudflare chacked ok

Can you post a screenshot of the Name Server settings you updated?

i will try

That is not a screenshot. I want to see a picture of the Name Server settings at your registrar.

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ok i will give you now

Please contact your domain registrar to fix this:

sure i will contact them now

thank you very much for your help

have a good day

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i contacted my domain register and his answer this

Are you referring to the problem? I accessed whois from rotld and I don’t receive any errors or warnings.
Can you give us more details?

Patric Cosmulei - Hosterion

@sdayman did not refer to the Cloudflare page but to a screenshot where it shows that you changed the nameservers with your registrar. It does not appear that you actually did.

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