How long take for SSL works?

Hi, i have a Domain (just domain, not hosting) and using your DNS for get a SSL certificate, everything looks ok, but the SSL (https) seems is not working yet, the info say take around 24 hours, but im still not having.

How long take for SSL works? or i have to do something else?


If it’s been more than 24 hours, open a Support ticket. They’ll re-start the verification.

Im using the free service, how can i create a support ticket? or I cant?

I was looking for the link for create a support ticket and i cant find it.

Hi there,

we have a client’s website that is already on ssl at the current hoster and should be switched to Cloudflare during the next days. To prevent any downtimes based on the ssl issuing time we’ll order a dedicated certificate which should be issued within 10-15 min.

My idea: Is it possible to “bypass” that downtime by pausing (not deleting) the Cloudflare account or switching the DNS records to grey during the issuing time and restart the account or switching back to orange when it’s issued and installed?


Login with your account (top right corner).
After that click on your name and select “my activities & requests”

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Yes :grey: would be my recommendation until the certs are issued. It’s typically what I do when deploying customers.

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Thanks, i already contact the support, they said i have to wait for 24 hours, but until now is not working.

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