How long should it take for ssl error to disappear since adding cloudflare?



I had 2 CNAME records not going through cloudflare (grey cloud), all I did was change them to go through cloudflare (orange cloud).
Both of them were working before the change.
After changing, one of them immediately started working, the other is throwing an ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH error.

I thought generating a new SSL certificate takes time so I waited around 18 hours, but I am starting to think I did something wrong.

How long should I wait? How should I go about debugging this?
The CNAME is and I am using heroku automated certificates.



The SSL certificate we provide is just certifying the first level after the root, if you want to protect and terminate SSL for with us, you should buy a dedicated certificate or upload yours.

I guess the other subdomain you’re reffering is sitting at the root level of your domain, that’s the reason why you’ve no issue with it.


This answers the problem I was having, thank you!