How long should I wait for my DNS records to be propagated?

I have an error with a domain of my client which does not propagate DNS records, my domain is and I want to integrate it with a website in webflow, but I already followed the tutorial steps and it does not work.


The shipcarte domain is not using Cloudflare DNS. It’s using EasyDNS.

Hello, thank you very much, for answering my question. Could you help me, how can I know that and how should I fix it?

Well, if you’ve added your site on Cloudflare you will be provided with nameservers (Something like and You should set your nameservers to the ones Cloudflare provides, this can be done at your registrar.

After that, you will just modify your DNS records if required and bingo!

Right now, your nameservers are pointed to


webflow doesnt use name servers. Do you think this is a problem, to point it out?

No, you don’t need to use their nameservers, you will use Cloudflare’s nameservers. To connect with Webflow you will simply create a DNS record.

They have a tutorial on how to set that up: Connect a custom domain | Webflow University

You can change your nameserver where you bought the domain

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You are absolutely right I just contacted my client, and I think this is the error. I’m going to check this out and let you know. Thank you very much for your help.

Thank you very much this was the error. The domain was not pointing to cloudflare’s recods nameservers

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