How long should i be waiting for support on a pro zone?

i’ve been waiting for 2 days on this…just wondering how long is normal. It has completely blocked a major migration.

Thank you

  • Pro SLO - 5 days for all priority levels

What’s the issue that you’re having?

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Proxied DNS redirect loops with or without custom hostnames.

We were attempting to migrate our sites from WPEngine to Azure. We are encountering an issue for all domains where they are redirect looping within Cloudflare. Funnily enough, other zones are not encountering this issue.

The issue can be replicated with which is supposed to proxy throught custom hostnames for SaaS to a 51.* IP address.

If you create an A record with out orange cloud you get a cert issue, as expected. However if the orange cloud is turned on, the redirect loop is happening.

No page rules or anything are on the zone affecting this domain


What’s your SSL/TLS mode in the dashboard for that zone?


that fixed the issue - it was on flexible not full.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Still insecure, should be Full Strict.


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