How long its take and what else should do?

Transferred two domains and from GoDaddy to Cloudflare more than 48 hours but still I am able to edit those sites from cPanel. I check Cloudflare site to both sites, everything shows are in order as should be. I talked to Hosting (GoDaddy) the said make sure the Shared IP Address is the same as content in Cloudflare, which I checked it was correct, but the issue still there and what should I do to fix this issue.
P.S. GoDaddy says since I pointed DNS to somewhere else, they can’t support me on those issues.

How long it takes for A record to be updated in Cloudflare side? I checked both sites are pointed to the hosting (GoDaddy) with correct content, and It has been more than 48 hours.

Cloudflare DNS record updates should happen quickly (usually I’ve seen around a few minutes maximum, but can be more like a few hours depending on DNS TTL).
Can you do the following:

  • Ensure that your nameservers are still pointed to Cloudflare (you’ll need to do this at your registrar).
  • Clear your DNS cache. The process of doing this is entirely dependant upon your browser/operating system, so a quick Google search will help you figure out how.

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