How long it takes for getting reply on support ticket



I have recently added my new site on cloudflare but i am having some issue i tried to open support ticket but more than 2 days still no response, anyone know how long does it take normally? My ticket id is 1501622



Basically it depends on your plan. Paid plans have a higher priority than free.

We can try to help you, we just need some information about your issue. :slight_smile:


Oh i am trying it out right now with free because i want to know if it can help my site as its ad network. And the issue i am facing is when i enable the cloudflare my ads go disappear from all user websites. I have tried to check everything but unable to find the reason why its doing that so far :frowning:


The ads disappear but your site is still working? :thinking:

Can you access them directly when CloudFlare is active? I’m guessing that your ads are served with a bit of Java or something. Have you activated “Auto Minify”? Thus caused some problems with my Nextcloud"oder instance.

Another guess is the Hotlink Protection. Is it active?

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