How long for the switch from paid through my host to Cloudfare

I just switched from my host Siteground to to Cloudfare to handle my DNS. In other words, paid Cloudare through them and $5 a month for SSL through Cloudfare to Business Pro with Cloudfare because I need you to handle my DNS. How long does that process take or do I need to cancel with Siteground first?

It takes up to 48 hours for name servers to switch over to new ones. Did you update them at your domain registrar? If you want more specific help, please post your domain name.

The problem was that after signing up for the Business Pro plan all I got was a confirmation of the prorated charge from Cloudfare. So, I went into Siteground, canceled the Cloudfare plan and removed everything in my DNS pointing to them. Then I went into my Cloudfare account but there is no information on which nameservers to use, no email for next steps, nothing.

So, I removed my domain from Cloudfare essentially wiping out my account. I re-added the domain and even though I was signed in to my account, it doesn’t recognize that I still have a paid Business plan and wants me to choose another plan. I’m not going to pay for it twice.

So, I chose the free plan and finally got the nameservers and switched with with my registrar Blue Host. Now, I’m able to use their DNS service but to what point? I signed up for the business plan but it does not recognize it. It’s listed as free.

I’m supposed to wait for an email confirmation once the namservers switch over. I’m really kind of irritated with this whole process. It’s learn as you go with no information from Cloudfare at all. Now, my site is down and who knows for how long until it switches over.

All this assumes that the nameservers for the free plan are the same as the paid plan. I bet they’re not and I’ll have to start this all over again.

Cancelling a domain also cancels the plan. Normally there aren’t refunds, but they’re pretty good about refunding if you never used the feature. For now, you’ll have to pay again and then contact Support:

Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button.

Once you get back on Paid Plan, the name servers won’t change.

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Okay thanks. I see it’s already picked up the nameservers and everything is now working. I’ll go ahead and upgrade it to the Business plan and email support about refunding the difference for the prorated charges. I have sweat equity in my podcast so I was freaking out. Thanks again.

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