How long for SSL Certificate to work

Just got the “Full” SSL certification, does anyone know how long it takes for this to be implemented?

It’s unclear what you’re trying to ask – you should already have a SSL certificate on your origin server before setting your TLS mode to Full or Full(Strict) otherwise you’re going to have a problem (assuming your DNS entries are orange-clouded). Setting up and deploying a certificate on your server is your responsibility. For Full(Strict) you need either a valid unexpired certificate from a real CA (such as Letsencrypt), or you could also get one of Cloudflare’s Origin Certificates and load it on your server although that’ll cause issues if you ever need to grey-cloud. For Full(non-strict) you could also use a self-signed or expired certificate but it’s not recommended.

If the situation on your server is good, and you switch to Full(strict), it should switch over almost instantly and you might not even notice a change. However if your server isn’t accepting HTTPS traffic or the certificate situation isn’t right, then it’ll be broken indefinitely, until you do something about it.

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If your server doesn’t have problems, it should switch to it right away.

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