How long does it usually take for a ticket to be responded to?

It’s been 3 days and my ticket still hasn’t got a response yet, and my account plan is Free.

Also I don’t know if this is normal or not, but as soon as I submitted my ticket, I got an instant bot response and I realised that my ticket was marked as Solved, I add another comment to the ticket and the same bot responded again, marking my ticket as Solved, but then I add another comment and the bot didn’t respond anymore. Currently my ticket status is still open.

I’d appreciate if I can get any useful responses.

Hi @Area52,

What does your ticket relate to? If you are on a free plan, you don’t get support unless it’s related to billing, account, 2FA, or abuse issues.

If it’s not one of those, you will probably need to open a topic about it here.

I thought that you’ll get a response regardless of your account’s plan

No, you can see the restrictions here:

Don’t think the issue can be resolved by the community.

Is your issue one of these?

Seriously? So I literally have to pay just to get assistant on my problem?

Unfortunately, no

What is the issue? We should be able to get it resolved for you here if it’s not one of those.

It’s an issue related to Hypixel, the most popular minecraft server who switched to Cloudflare 2 months ago, and I have reasons to believe that the issue is coming from Cloudflare, that’s why I had to contact Cloudflare Support. I’m highly disappointed to know that they don’t respond to free plan account’s tickets…

As it’s related to another service using Cloudflare, they will need to be the ones to contact support. Cloudflare won’t talk to anyone that is not the owner of the zone.

What do you mean? Do you mean that the server themselves have to resolve this issue with Cloudflare??

It depends on the specific issue, but generally yes. If there is an issue with Hypixel’s Cloudflare setup, they would need to be the ones to address that.

You have to understand, it’s been 2 months and the issue is still not resolved yet, that’s why I had to contact Cloudflare’s support by themselves. I had already contacted Hypixel’s Support and they told me to resolve this with Cloudflare’s support.

What am I supposed to do now? Contacting Cloudflare’s support is my last option in order to try and resolve this issue.

What actually is the issue?

That’s not generally how it works and you will probably have to go through Hypixel to get to Cloudflare.

Are you sure that you can at least give some advices on the issue I’m having? No offense, but I doubt that this issue can be resolved by the Cloudflare’s community

Without knowing what the issue is, I have no idea whether we can help.

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Don’t take what I said as rude, that’s not my intention.

Ok so basically, every servers that I play on that use Cloudflare as their host is affected with this problem. I’ll only talk about Hypixel here. My ping on there is usually 220 to 240, ever since the server switched their host to Cloudflare, my ping goes up to 500 and even more, making playing on here extremely frustrating, and it’s been more than 2 months and the issue still hasn’t been resolved yet.

Could you please post a traceroute to ?

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