How long does it take when you disable proxy mode to return to normal DNS?

We moved our records from to last night and I got an email at about 1:30am CST that my domain was successfully moved. All of our services have continued to work properly until just a little while ago and all of our web servers being resolved with cloudflare no longer resolve or respond. I turned off the proxy mode, so when I ping the name, I expect to see the appropriately matching IP we have in our config, but it’s been a good 30-40 minutes now and flushing dns doesn’t provide any working websites yet… Is there an outage at cloudflare now? What is the problem? Status page says USA region is fine - but we’re dead in the water. I can VPN (via IP) and it works fine… argh.

The default TTL is 300 seconds.

If you do an DNS lookup directly against your authoritative NS, do you get the expected results?

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