How long does it take to resolve new IPs


I added a new site to cloudflare about 30 hours ago under one IP address. It was working. I could see my test page.

about 28 hours ago I decided to move this site to one of my other servers. So I updated the IP address, but now I only see an error page. Like the IP address is wrong.

When I moved the site I left the test page files in root, so if it was still pointing to the old IP address. Shouldn’t the page still load?
If it’s pointing to the new IP address… again the page should load.

So I think there might be something wrong… and i’m not sure how to find out.

Hi @frankkdeans,

It should only take seconds if the record is :orange: or 5mins/the TTL if it’s :grey:.

I would recommend pausing Cloudflare and waiting 5 minutes. Then check the IPs that your do,win resolves to are the right ones and see if it works without Cloudflare.

Thanks for the reply.

If I check the site here DNS Lookup - Check DNS Records It’s not showing the correct IP that I’ve entered.

I’ve attached an image of what my IPs are. I added these hours ago.
Why won’t why update?

Also, why is it showing 2 IPs for A and AAAA ? doesn’t make sense.

That’s how Cloudflare works:

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