How long does it take to get support from Cloudlare?


I have had an issue when I installed the Cloudflare plugin in WHM. I submitted a ticket 6 days ago. I received an initial canned response and that has been it?

Why us this taking so long? Is this normal?

Hi @mtkbillh, if you want to share your ticket number I can take a look at where it is in the queue. Also, was there any troubleshooting suggestions/ticket guidance in the reply?

@cloonan Request #1648613

Nothing in the canned response was a help with the issue.

Thank you. What is the domain?

The server is

Got it, thank you. That domain is not showing as on Cloudflare:

$ dig ns +short

If you’re on a partner setup, it is to be expected that the nameservers would not point to Cloudflare, but I don’t see that domain as active nor in process with Cloudflare.

Edit - I added notes for the engineer and see they replied to you asking for some additional details.

I very well may have missed a step then. I did not see in any instructions to move my server’s nameservers to Cloudflare since it is optional if customers want to use Cloudflare or not?

That is why you do not see that domain on Cloudflare. Tried setting up a client domain on Cloudflare through their cpanel and just get a blank screen instead of a login.

My partnership application was approved so I am not sure.

Understood, just for background, here is a bit of detail on partner setup, Community Tip - Best Practices For CNAME setup / Partial setup. Not changing the name servers over is OK.

But, even for partial setups, we can see the zone as active on Cloudflare…or in process of being activated on Cloudflare. I’m not seeing that zone at all which feels consistent with the blank page you saw. I will keep an eye on your ticket, curious as to what went sideways.

I have installed Cloudflare cPanel Plugin via ssh, enabled Full DNS. When I go into an account in cPanel => Software => Cloudflare, I get a page with the Cloudflare Title and nothing else. No option to login to Cloudflare.

See attached screenshot.