How long does it take to get a reply from customer support?

just wondering how long it take to reply from customer support? It’s been more than 12 days already with no reply except for the first automation reply. We are in pro plan and I believe we eligible to it.


Hello there,

Your plan has a ticket support. You can overview it here

Further on contacting its here

However, its recommended to ask the community if you’ve queries or if you’ve a ticket number could be posted here. Cloudflare experts see the ticket and do the necessary.

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The request number is 2557429

There is a problem with their API to get our subdomain list. It generate error as show in the request.

can you post the request you are sending? just blur out the sensitive fields

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This is in their dashboard under app. We installed “Added Html” app developed by Cloudflare themself. It work with our sandbox and uat, we can retrieve our subdomain list. But our production the app said there is an error retrieving subdomain list.

Can’t attach any image or link to share T_T

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