How long does it take to connect the .eu nameservers with cloudflare


I just wanted to ask, how long it takes to let the .eu domain connect with the cloudflare nameservers.
Since now I am already waiting for 3.5 hours but nothing changed. I am asking because I already created a cloudflare account for my .de domain which only took about 5 minutes. (Also I’ve already checked, if I copied the right nameservers which I did)

Thank you

Hi @auswahluhr6004,

It can take longer (up to 48hrs, theoretically), but if you share the domain, we can check.

The domain is “”

Your nameservers appear to point to nitrado, rather than Cloudflare at the moment, however no DNS records show. If you have changed the nameservers, I suggest you contact your domain registrar for help.

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