How long does it take to cache 3 files?

We just started using CF about 3 hours ago. Our site is a SPA with 3 resources served from our origin - html, css and js. Our analytics show 90% of our requests as cached, but none of the requests in our browser and on CF-Cache-Status are hits. Is this because the edge we are hitting hasn’t cached them?

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Do you have any Page Rules set? If you don’t, you may need to create one that specifies how long to keep the cache on the edge server.

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Look at the Edge Cache TTL & Browser Cache TTL section of the link above.

  1. ourdomain/* forwarding url to www.ourdomain
  2. http://ourdomain/ always use https
  3. *www.ourdomain/ cache level standard
  4. www.ourdomain/api/ cache bypass
  5. sockets.ourdomain/ cache bypass
  6. ourdomain/assets/ cache everything
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I usually have a rule for* with the following options:

  • Browser Cache TTL: 4 hours,
  • Cache Level: Cache Everything,
  • Edge Cache TTL: a month

Thanks. That did it!

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Awesome! :slight_smile:

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