How long does it take for the DNS "proxy" setting to take effect?

Some (hopefully useful background to this question)
I’ve been using Cloudflare for my DNS for a while but in DNS-Only mode for my a records. Recently we’ve wanted to enable the proxy feature of CloudFlare’s but there were some concerns about the client IP address being ‘lost’ given that the remote-address would now be the proxy.

We took the steps to change how our application retrieves that value and use the “CF-Connecting-IP” header now. What is strange though, and is very difficult to test in a development environment, is after deploying the update and changing the setting, our application is giving us a mixed bag of results regarding the IP address.

Back to the question: how long does it take for the “proxy” setting to take effect? How long should I wait, after enabling the “proxy” on the DNS record, for the traffic to be proxied to my server?

I ask this simply because I’m not sure if I’m being impatient or not when testing after deploying. Should I wait 5-10 mins or 5-10 hours or is it instant?

It should be 5 minutes if you haven’t changed TTL from the “Auto” setting.

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Thanks, that’s useful!

Do you find the “CF-Connecting-IP” to be accurate? I’m seeing my application logging requests from very different IP Addresses as coming from the same source.

The IP address included in this header is what Cloudflare observes from the edge. It should be accurate.

Thanks eric, I don’t want to stray off topic here but I’m noting some strange behaviour with this header. Will open a separate topic once I have enough data

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