How long does it take for my site to be cached

Hello friends. i just recently joined Cloudflare. but my server went down and instead of seeing a cached version of my site i saw the error 521 sign. i was wondering how long it takes for my site to be cached? i actually went to settings and saw 91% as percentage cached.
so, do i need to wait till 100% before visitors start seeing cached version of my site? regards

If you dont have “Always online” enabled you will always get an error message.

thanks for the quick reply. but i have it enabled. see screen shot below

Keep the crawling frequency in mind: We crawl free customers once every 7 days, Pro customers once every 3 days, and Business and Enterprise customers daily.

Always Online seems to rely on a separate crawl, it doesn’t seem to pull from the normal cache (or perhaps this is only for HTML and other content that Cloudflare doesn’t normally cache?)

In general though, I wouldn’t rely on it.

ok noted. thanks. so are you saying sir, that after 7 days, offline version of my site would be available if and whenever there is a server down time. i just registered my site yesterday on cloud flare. thanks

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