How Long does a site take to go online after I have deleted my site

I started working with Cloudflare one week ago but has had a ton of problems with my SEO from and decided to delete the site from cloudfare so that I could find a professional to incorporate it into my site. But I need my site online as I search for someone to do the work. How long does it take for my site to be back online after deleting it? Please help

It is pretty much instant. You point your domain back to your original nameservers and you are basically off Cloudflare. Due to propagation it might take longer for clients who have your Cloudflare settings already cached, but even that should expire after several hours.

Thank you a lot, I don’t think I even changed the name servers.

To Cloudflare or away from it? In the former case your domain never was on Cloudflare.

To cloudfare, I had trouble with the registrars.

So you dont need to worry about Cloudflare.

OK so it is probably the cache in my computer that makes me not able to access my webite or the backend?

There can be myriad of reasons, too many to list them all here :slight_smile:

Should I give it time or is there something I can do to bring back the site online?

You need to check what is not working and fix that if it requires a fix. I am afraid that topic is beyond the scope of the forum here though.

How can i contact you? So you can help me troubleshoot

Community support generally is only available via the community, however it needs to be Cloudflare related.

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