How long do IP addresses blocked via firewall rules remain blocked?

We had a bug on our site that accidentally caused some mobile clients to repeatedly make requests to our API server within short spans of time. Cloudflare alerted us that our site was being DDOS’d and some of the IP addresses were blocked by Cloudflare’s firewall rules. Is the blocking permanent? Does it last for only a certain period of time? I can’t find information about this after searching around for several minutes.

If they are entered into the Firewall Rule, I believe the requests coming from them are blocked until we remove them manually or disable that particular Firewall Rule in which they are listed and the acton is set to “block”.

That’s Cloudflare DDoS service I believe.

I am afraid it’s not permanent.

If it happens again, it might be blocked again and you would receive such an notification alert, if so.

Kindly and patiently wait for another reply from someone else more experienced.

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