How long before billing support writes back?

I got charged a ridiculously large sum of money that I can’t possibly afford to pay, for a month of Argo. I wrote [email protected] and and wondering how long before I hear back?

Is the charge not justified? Did you not use what was charged? How much is it?

Can you share the ticket number here, @user2931. You should hear back pretty quickly, how long has it been? And, +1 to the suggestion from @sandro to understand if and by how much the invoice is off.

Ticket Number 1731951

$15,291.20. I’m a Free CF user. A single person who runs a chat site, I’m not some large company. I couldn’t come close to paying this if I maxed all my credit cards. @user2931 PLEASE HELP

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That would suggest you used 150 terabyte in one month? That cant be correct, can it? So my question is the same, is the charge justified?

Looking at my dashboard that looks correct.

Then I am afraid I am not sure what the question is about. Yes, that bill is undoubtedly steep, I agree, but you did use the service after all.

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