How long before A record modification takes effect?

We had a flattened CNAME record for the main domain of an account. I replaced with a A record directly to the IP of the new server. DNS propagation checker still points to the old server, after 30 minutes.

I believed that, with Cloudflare, record changes would be very fast.
Am I under the wrong impression?


If it’s :orange:, then it’s 5 minutes. If you post the domain name, someone can take a closer look.

It is:

Your Cloudflare IP address isn’t going to change. Since a Flattened CNAME resolves to an IP address, just like an A record does, you’re not going to see a change at whatsmydns.

Is the site not working?

Never make assumptions and Always check the full IP address

Both the Cloudflare IP and old server IP starts with 104.
I assumed it was not being changed.

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Heh, I always get backwards from you. Whenever I see a 104 address, I immediately think “Cloudflare!”

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