How long after domain name expires can I re-register?

My domain name expires from April 21, 2023. Now I want to re-register it, how long will it take?

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If you wish to ensure that you retain a domain registration, it is best to not allow it to expire. If it does expire and you wish to reclaim it, the sooner you act, the better your chance at recovery. Not all registries have the same policies. For the most accurate information it is best to consult the sponsoring registry for the specific TLD.

While it is possible to wait for an expired domain to become available again, there is no guarantee that you will secure the registration.

Thank you. I just signed up with cloudflare. Recently, there was something I didn’t notice. Is there a way to wait for it to expire, please re-register and let me know

You need a valid domain registration to use Cloudflare. If your domain has expired, you need to renew it You could use another domain that you have registered instead.

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