How long after being Whitelistet on Honeypod until no reCAPTCHA

I have been Blacklisted on due to SPAM Email. The problem was a hacked Mikrotik Router wich has been resolved on 21.10.2018 (since then I am whitelistet on . My question ist how long does it go until i am able to access Sites protected by Cloudflare without google Capcha? Is there an amount of days that you have to be whitelistet without new SPAM emails?

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Thread with the same issue:

Generally your IP reputation will get better over time, but there’s no way to “clear” your reputation from Cloudflare.

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Exactly but i would like to know how long this takes, the problem ist not knowing how long this will take…
I can’t find any documentation about how long i have to be whitelistet at honeypod to have a good reputation on Cloudflare. Anybody had this issue and can tell how long it took?

Looks like it is around 14 Days that you have to be whitelisted on To Bad you dont get that info anywhere, at least, it works again.

What happend after the whitelist? Did you get delisted from Cloudflare also? Do you need to still solve recaptchas?

I got Whitelistet on projecthoneypot an then i had to wait 14 days until the recaptchas stopped showing up. I guess that is how long Cloudflare waits to make shure your reputation is allright again

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The actual time frame is different for what type of “threatening behavior” you’ve done in the past. I imagine that if you got blocked a few times by the WAF, you’re not really a “threat” to other CF websites, but if you’re part of a >10gbps DDOS attack you might be a bigger threat and it would probably take longer to get your IP address reputation cleared up. These times are trade secrets for obvious reasons.

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