How Log domain Visits

Hi guys.

Is possible, with the free plan of Cloudflare, to log the number of visits of a specific domain?

In the home page I can see an overview of total visits for the last week, but it is for every domain that I’ve registered, and I’m not able to see log data in regard to a specific domain.

Can you help me?


Click on the domain you wish to look at, then click on the “Analytics” tab to see the data for that domain.

Thank you, for your reply,

Also is possible to see log of a specific third-level domain?

Analytics section seems not give me this kind of information

I would like to know our page visits (third level domain) as well. We are recording very few visits, but Cloudflare indicates many more. Is Cloudflare preventing our website from recording visits? It is really disorienting for us.

How are you recording page visits? is a good overview on how Cloudflare’s analytics work.

This is highly unlikely, but that all depends on your method.

We have a ‘Backdrop’ content management site. Under the ‘access log statistics’ configuration, it does the following:

Increment a counter each time content is viewed.

Perform the count asynchronously after page load rather than during page generation.