How know if my A rec IP is correctly configured

Can you help me please ?

Got the domain FactSword dot com this morning.
But can’t get it running.

It should be pointing to the same place as FactGrading dot com
The A Records in CloudFlare are identical at xx.xx.182.1

But I get two different IP addresses from
a dns check site that says –

factgrading dot com xxx.xx.24.93
factsword dot com xxx.xx.6.224

This should be easy.


Those IP addresses are the Cloudflare proxy servers, and it’s normal for two domains on an account to not use the same proxy server IP addresses.

The server is responding to that domain:

Wow. Thank you for your speedy reply.
Ok, I’m not surprised with that.
But how do I know if I have the correct IP in my A record?
Do I just duplicate the other one?

And the factgrading dot com does go to a subdirectory on the Linux server.
Do I need to put that in anywhere ?

Thanks in advance.

If your site was working before you added it to Cloudflare, then it should work with Cloudflare.

If you’re having trouble with your site’s configuration, it’s best to use the “Pause Cloudflare on Site” option from the lower right corner of the Overview page for your domain. And then wait 5 minutes for it to take effect.

Thank you again Sdayman.

Uh, no I should have mentioned that this is a totally new domain, so it wasn’t working before.
I can try, what you suggested.

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