How is Watch Time calculated in Stream?


I just started using Stream. I have one video of 8 sec 15 views and 4 hours of watch time. So, would you please be so kind to explain how you calculated watch time.
My video:

I can only guess that those 15 views are how many times people watched it through to the end, and the rest only watched a portion. Though at 8 seconds, I’d be curious as to why someone just wouldn’t let it run its course.

It’ll be best if you open a Support Ticket so they can check your account. Please do post back and let us know how it’s calculated.

Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button.

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:). I am the only user. I opened a paid account 5 hours ago and those are views during my test. So to answer your question, I wouldn’t let it run to the end because I already watched it like 2 million times :slight_smile:


+1 to posting back with the answer! Here is the general billing information, And I am curious as well as to the details.

Ok, I opened a ticket. To be frank, the first 6 hours on this platform were a bit of a waste of time. There are resolutions which are offered in the player but upon selection a spinner is presented … like forever. I did not even get to upload a video from my SPA running on a mobile. From my experience, it already smells too much like troubles and this explains the total lack of information, demos, tutorials, articles about this service. I am still (almost) positive about it …

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Thank you, sorry for the troubles. I see your ticket and will keep an eye on it for progress.

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"Thanks for the reply. The watch time shown in the dashboard/in your screenshot differs from how we calculate the actual amount of time to bill.

Billing is calculated by how many minutes of video our central processing server delivers to visitors. This number is surfaced in the Billable Usage section my colleague Paige directed you to earlier. Please use this page to estimate your bill for each month.

The 4 hour watch time calculation is aggregated by a Javascript call executed whenever someone plays the embedded video on your website. It’s possible that this call was invoked multiple times in the browser, leading to an inflated watch time.

In short, the only number you need to worry about billing-wise is the number in Billable Usage. The watch time number is supposed to be representative of the watch time from the client’s perspective, but can sometimes be skewed (like here)."