How is this possible? Desktop URLs all started failing web core vitals all of a sudden with a 90+ score

Hi all,

Around May 1 we noticed our search console started to show our “Good URLs” drop significantly due to failing Web Core Vitals (screenshot below). This started with just Desktop but eventually moved on to Mobile as well.

We have done 0 updates to the websites and have had WP Engine (our host) investigate to see if any changes were done to the server or our site to understand what the issues was.

If you make a page speed test using Page Speed or GT Metrix for our blog posts (majority of pages) you will notice we have outstanding scores in terms of performance. One thing that does stand out on desktop specifically is our core web vitals assessment shows as “Failed” and our LCP, FCP, and TTFB times are in the yellow zones (screenshot below)

We have done everything we can to try and improve / reduce these times but no luck, as the only thing improved is our performance of the page but not a decrease in these other scores which we also understand can be a 28 day lag avg indicator.

One other thing that stands out is an Excessive DOM warning which we are not 100% sure how to solve

Did anyone run into similar issues and has any suggestions on what we can try? We are on a free cloudflare plan but not sure if this is tied directly to cloudflare or not.

Can you share a link to your website and some pages that are failing core web vitals? It’s very unlikely this is related to Cloudflare, but I’d be happy to take a look if you can share this.

Its not letting me share a link for some reason…

honest brand reviews dot com and you can select any post there

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I have similar situation and posted question about it on

I have shared screenshot as well my website is

and sample URL is

I have also made 0 changes in site as well there no any issue in server. I have marked that cloudflare cache I am getting is DYNAMIC so I think its related to cloudflare cache.

I will update here if I get any more news about it.


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