How is the fee of the stream charged for live streaming?

I want to inquire about the price of “stream-cloudflare” I am using the $ 5 package to experience and use it for 2 days from 7/1 to 2/7/23. I have 3 questions that I hope you can answer

1- In the Cloudflare Stream usage and payment section: Total accumulated this month: 26.59 thousand minutes (1000 minutes =1 usd) - This is the postpaid part In the past 2 days, I have run a live stream to embed on my website about 10 hours or less, equivalent to 600 minutes web? And up to now I will have to pay for the service the equivalent of about 2.7 usd in the service billing period?

2- With the $ 5 hosting package I have 1000 minutes of storing videos to watch again, so when users watch these videos again, I have to pay the next fee (1000 minutes =1 usd) for the saved playback service store on stream?

3- I want to use your service to “stream-cloudflare” to run the live system for my customers so I want a price list for the service In case I don’t have the need to host the video, after each live session I will download the video to upload to my server. In 1 month, I will livestream for about 30 days with a duration of 4 hours, fixed number of live viewing eyes of 50 viewers. So what bill will I receive in the billing period?

Hey, I think I’ve interpreted what you’re after correctly so hope this helps…

1 - Yes, 2,659 minutes = ~2.65usd… (26,590 would be 26.50 usd and so on)

2 - Yes, $5 per month per 1000minutes stored + plus 1usd per 1000 minutes viewed

3 - 50 viewers x 240 mins = 12,000 mins per day x 30 days = 360,000 minutes = $365usd ($360 streaming + $5 base fee)