How is latency managed with Cloudflare?

Im running a software on a vps that seems to connect to a host that uses Cloudflare. In order to get the lowest latency possible, my initial thought was to find a location near the origin server. I did some tests with different vps locations around the world, thinking I should see some difference in the time that each location receives new data due to the distance difference between the origin server and each of the edge servers. It looked like they all receive new data at almost exactly the same time, which got me wondering if edge servers are all synced.

Does Cloudflare CDN sync (or can enable sync) each edge servers so users receive new data at the same time regardless of their geological location?
If so, will my best bet to obtain lowest latency be to just find a vps location with lowest ping value to the host? (which I assume is just the latency between the vps and edge server)

It depends on the header. If the header shows that the file is cached then you are actually not testing against the origin but against Cloudflare which should be fast nearly everywhere.

Also: if behin Cloudflare is not a baremetal server but a high-available instance or another CDN/Cloud-Hosting service you will not be able to see a difference between other geological places as the “origin” is everywhere behind Cloudflare. Also if the domain you are actually testing against is a “Cloudflare Pages” website it does not have an origin as it is a serverless (behind Cloudflare) setup.

Anyway with such little concrete informations I can not help further.

If there was no noticable difference, may I ask why you test this? Because it is bad everywhere or because you just want to have an even better latency?

Yes and no.

No: Cloudflare is a requestbased (pull) CDN and therefore does not sync/push anything.

Yes: If we are talking about Cloudflare Pages. But AFAIK they also do not really propagate through the whole Cloudflare CDN, but requests are nearly everywhere served somewhat with the same latency.

I automate some tasks on the software based on live data which the outcome is somewhat affected by latency. Its not bad everywhere but it seems like there are some people that are constantly faster than me.

According to historical data from the server, the execution time difference from vps with different geolocation is under hundredth of a second. This seems to be too small of a difference unless some sort of syncing mechanism is in place. Thats why I thought Cloudflare CDN was syncing.