How is email obfuscation supposed to work?

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I’ve always had on the email obfuscation feature, which claims to be able to protect email addresses in a way that is transparent to users. This has always been my experience.

We switched to a new platform this week and suddenly all bare email addresses and even mailto links are replaced with “[email protected].” Clicking this reloads the page and reveals the email addresses. This is fine, but the page doesn’t reload in the same place, and there is no indication that clicking is supposed to reveal the email address.

So it works in a sense, but from a user perspective, clicking the “email us” link just refreshes the page, drops them at the top, with zero indication they if they happened to scroll down and click it again, it would then work.

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  1. None

Was the site working with SSL prior to adding it to Cloudflare?

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  1. Visit any page, such as:

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No error. Just trying to understand/troubleshoot the behavior.

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