How is argo tunnel billed when not using argo


I’m using cloudflare on a free plan for my latest project, and I’m thinking about using argo tunnels. I can seemingly create argo tunnels without enabling argo. Will I be charged for this? I haven’t seen anything mentioning pricing for using argo tunnels without argo routing.


Good question…one the @MVP group hasn’t quite yet figured out yet…I think.

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From my experience using Cloudflare Tunnel in free plan zones without enabling Argo, I’m not getting charged by Cloudflare.


Hello @betatax , I think you need to check this post, which answers all of your questions,

and let us know if there’s anything we can do, to help!

→ Feedback always appreciated!

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That’s still unclear for those of use with Cloudflare accounts who aren’t using the “Free” hostname.

Is it still free if I use a hostname?

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