How in the heck do you setup load balancing origin pools?

The origin pools sections has me baffled. I have no idea what the values are supposed to be and the support section gives little information. Do I need to purchase additional servers that mirror my content?

To be completely fair you aren’t giving out that much information either.

From a quick check, it seems like LBs in general are well documented :person_shrugging:

I’m a bit new to load balancing. I am trying to setup pools. I do not know what the values are for the following. Origin Name 1 Origin Address, Origin Name 2 Origin Address.

I do not know what these values represent. I have a website hosted on WPEngine. Would that host be considered an origin pool. And am I supposed to have more than 1 origin server? Would that be a mirrored server for example a staging server? Do I even need more than 1 origin server?

I also do not understand what are the coordinates for Proximity Steering. Where would I find those values.

If you are using WPE, load balancing is not relevant to you. That is taken care of by WPE.

Load balancing is where you operate more than one server for an application, and need to spread the incoming requests across them for high availability purposes.

Origin Name is a descriptive name you use to identify each of your origin servers. Each one needs to be unique, but is only significant to you. Origin IP is the IP of each origin server.

Proximity Steering is needed where you (for example) have origin servers across the globe, and want requests sent to the “closest” origin to the user. Again, not relevant for WPE.

Staging, Production, Test etc. would be completely separate load balancers, not pools of origins within one Load Balancer.

Load balancing is used to balance traffic between multiple hosts serving the same content. The hosts serving the contents are origins. If the origins are geographically distributed one might choose to route traffic to the origin nearest the visitor.

It’s possible to have multiple origins serving the same content with WPEngine on their higher tier plans, but it’s not typical.

Thank you for helping me understand this. It looks like I don’t need load balancing if WPE is already using it. Thanks again!