How I overcame technical difficulties and got my Bluehost websites on Cloudflare

This is a tutorial!
When I attempted to place my Bluehost websites on Cloudflare, the results were initially disastrous. I had to manually configure my name server and ftp settings to get my websites that are hosted on Bluehost to be fully proxied on Cloudflare. I also learned by trial and error about gray and orange clouds and which services required which color. The process is a bit involved, but was successful in the end and well worth the effort.

The problem
The integration on Bluehost’s cPanel used to work flawlessly, before they began offering free Let’s Encrypt TLS certificates. Since the integration, Cloudflare has a conflict with the SSL/TLS certificate and will not display a Bluehost website that has a Let’s Encrypt certificate until certain changes are applied manually. The main error was: “Error code: SSL_ERROR_NO_CYPHER_OVERLAP.” Apparently, this is a known problem with Bluehost’s implementation of Cloudflare.

I went through the entire troubleshooting process, with help from Cloudflare technicians (shout out to Justin W.) and wrote a blog article about it, titled: “How I overcame technical difficulties and got my Bluehost websites on Cloudflare

I think this article will help other Bluehost account holders get not only their websites on Cloudflare, with Green HTTPS padlocks, but also get back FTP access that would otherwise be lost when you are proxied on Cloudflare. This is especially true for Bluehost customers who only have access to the new control panel that lacks a Cloudflare integration icon that was present in the previous cPanel. It will also help people hosted with web providers who don’t offer Cloudflare integration.

If anybody has any questions about this process after reading my blog article, feel free to ask. I will try to help, based on my knowledge of Bluehost’s shared hosting and Cloudflare’s free plan. Note that I do not represent either Cloudflare or Bluehost. I’m just a webmaster who won’t throw in the towel when technical difficulties pop up!