How i can fix this problem about cache?

Hello, I have an issue in my website, all the time i need to keep cleaning the cache on Cloudflare to be able to update the changes that happen in my website.
This is what the dev said to me.
Cloud Flare keeps cache including html, css, js and that’s why it shows old data as images not update on-site on real-time. You have to either check back after sometime after rotating image or after rotating just clear cloud cache and the check image again which you rotated.

Anyone knows something, please?

Cloudflare only caches HTML if you have a page rule for “Cache level: cache everything”. It does, however, generally always cache js/css and images.

Your developer should look into cache busting

Otherwise, when you update something you can go to the Cloudflare dashboard -> your domain -> caching tab -> click “purge everything” to wipe the CF cache.

Thank you!
I going to try install in my website.

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