How i can block a website

how i can block few domains mirrored my content using some method

this is my website url

how i can prevent them

please help

no reply yet i have a Professional Plan with this website
where i can get support

It depends on how they are getting content from your site. You can try upping the security level of your site to block automated scanning attempts.

What is your ticket number?

there is no option to submit ticket

Email [email protected] from your account email, you’ll get a reply with a ticket number. Share it here and we can escalate.

support request t ([#2482528]

Thank you. I have escalated the issue.

i had similar problem
first you’ll create new page in your website and
in Cloudflare block access to that page
and try to load that page from the mirror website and boom you’ll get their server ip in Cloudflare event
then block that ip from accessing your website
keep repeating this whenever he up again

@user1386 I just wanted to update you re: the ticket form - we just found & fixed a couple of issues impacting some Pro customers intermittently - that should be resolved now.

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