How i can avoid google and other search engines from indexing duplicate pages after passing cf capthca

Her is typical example of url after user passed captcha or js

It wouldnt be a problem if Google and other search engines indexing these pages with such url with cloudflare added parameters as a duplicate of canonical page.

Which is the best practice to avoid getting ton of duplicate pages indexed you can suggest?

As far as I see from the provided attachment - screenshot, that is Yandex Webmaster tools right?

Have you got sitemap and submitted it to crawl on Yandex?

Also, are your servers located in Russia? Or maybe the TLD domain is .ru?

Could be that Russia is blocking CloudFlare, or at least vice-versa when requesting your sitemap URLs.

Maybe could be due to wrong configuration with the “hreflang” if you use WPML or some other multi-language CMS?
Or, if you have submitted multiple URL-s/Websites and domains like and, or even with HTTP and/or HTTPS and NON-WWW and/or WWW prefix?

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