How hard is it to configure WP Super cache + Autoptimize +CloudFlare

Hello there,

I need to speed up mobile speed for my blog After several researches, I came accross CloudFlare. I am going to give a try with the free version, and will pass to the paid if it can improve even more.

Before, that, I will atempt to do all the settings by myself (DIY here). I already have with WP Super Cache and Autoptimizer, then I plan to ad the Cloud Flare wordpress plugin.

I have read on this community that the 3 together do a good job, and my question is : how hard is it to set these 3 features together ?

Thanks :).

Give it a try. If something doesn’t work, let us know. I’ve used other local caching, Autoptimize, and the Cloudflare plugin.

Thanks, I am trying on a dev domain, if it improves I will pass on the main domain, I will come back on this topic to update.

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