How for forward IMAP, SMTP, POP through cloud flare

Hi, Everyone
I have just shifted my email server behind Cloudflare. It is working fine if i access my email box through webpage, it works properly, opens emails etc.

But my users on outlook, they have configured smtp, pop, or imap on their phones, laptops and their settings are which is now resolving cloud flare IPs and these all smtp, pop, imap services are not workign now. Port 80 traffic (login webpage) is opening perfectly when users try to smtp, pop, or impa, traffic through outlook, of these ports (pop 110, smtp 25 and imap 143) it does not pass through cloud flare (if i given ip address of my server, it works)

So, webpage of my email server is forwarded perfectly but traffic of smtp, pop and imap are not being forwarded through cloud flare servers, how i can pass through these services through cloud flare

Thank in advance


when they pop, smtp, or imap, it does not work because now it resolves to cloud flare. Port 80 traffic webpage. but now i am facing issues issues in IMAP, SMTP and

Any hostname involved in processing email needs to be set to :grey: DNS Only.

Please toggle your ‘mail’ hostname in DNS to be :grey: DNS Only.

If you need more specific guidance, please post the actual domain name.


Hi Sdayman , Thanks for your reply
i just want to forward few ports from cloud flare which shoudl rach to my server. i.e. port 143, 25, 110, 3000, 1000 (want to forward these ports so that IMAP, SMTP and pop services run through cloud flare


Unless you’re on an Enterprise Plan with Spectrum, you can’t proxy those ports or mail protocols through Cloudflare.

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