How fast cloudflare can update DNS in partial CNAME


We are using a partial zone with route53 as authoritative ns
and we added CNAME to * to cloudflare

So all the requests to any subdomain that’s not added in route53 are routed to CF
and we add the entry of our origin in CF

We can see that for all the subdomains the CF’s IP is the same and when we add an entry in CF
it’s propagating almost instantly and edits also seem instant.

We have a product in which users can sign and use our product without our subdomain and we offer different data centers as well, we are checking the feasibility of using CF for this.

Up on signup according to the DC selected by the user, we will put an entry in CF for the subdomain to the load balancer of the corresponding DC and all requests to the new subdomain needs to be routed to the origin.

When using the route53 we had an issue of the DNS propagation delay and request getting routed to the default origin

when using CF the DNS is always resolved to a common CF IP and CF routes requests according to the entries within in CF

How fast the entries are propagated within CF?
Is it feasible to use this method for our use case?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated


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