How enforce always use https?

Hi Ryan,

  • How long has it been “authorizing” for? More than 24 Hours
  • Have you contacted Cloudflare support? Yes and they referred to connect with community for quick resolution
  • If you have, how long ago and what is the ticket number? 1622381
  • What is the plan level for the domain in question? Universal SSL - Full
  • What error, if any, is displaying on your site at the moment? SSL is not activated
  • Are you signed up directly through Cloudflare or through a hosting provider/partner? Directly through Cloudflare

On the SSL/TLS app, can you turn on always use https?

Also by Plan level, it means Free vs Pro vs Business vs Enterprise

You’re 98% guaranteed to be a free plan, considering I don’t see Business or Enterprise customers asking for help from the community.

I’m a business customer :upside_down_face: But ya, Since business(?) and enterprise customers have a dedicated rep. at Cloudflare they can email, as well as the prioritized support, you’re much less likely to see questions from people on the business/enterprise plan.

Welp I stand corrected then, did you get your question figured out with How enforce always use https? - #2 by cloonan from @cloonan

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