How does this process work with static/dynamic files?

Can someone please explain how this works.

Say I have a site (IP which uses cloudflare. I know cloudflare caches my “static” files.

1.Does this mean when a user types they don’t directly go to my site ( but they go to cloudflares IP ( Is this correct? My IP address is different from Cloudflares IP correct?

  1. When does the end user come to my site directly? Is it when they need to access “dynamic” content? Basically they check cloudflare and see its not everything, then does cloudflare let them pass through direclty to my IP?

3.How often does cloudflare update its cache (“static files”)with my website?

They never go directly to your site. Cloudflare is a reverse proxy, so all traffic goes through Cloudflare’s IP addresses.

Static means that Cloudflare will cache that file for a limited amount of time (typically less than a day) for users near that datacenter. Dynamic means that every request for that resource will pass through Cloudflare to your origin server.

Basically then your saying my IP address of my direct site ( is never directly used from the “end user” point of view. All they do is interact with the cloudflare server.

when you say …

request as in, cloudflare will go to my direct site and grab the dynamic content and bring it to the user? Again the end user “never” interacting directly with my site. The whole time, clouldflare is the middleman for “every” request (static, dynamic, etc)

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