How does the Verified Bots / Known Bots Detection Work?

I have discovered that Cloudflare has a “Known Bots” rule for WAF, which is pretty convenient.

I was checking the Bot List here:

How does Cloudflare check that a “Good Bot” is actually a good one?

Does it only check the User Agent for a certain string or does it also check IPs / ASNs?

I think it is a combination of several factors, such as a proper user-agent that is clear, IP fixed, IP range dedicated, or ASN.

MVPs may know more. Just going off the google form Cloudflare created to get a bot approved.

Ok, I see. Yes, in fact, the form contains these 4 options:

  • Reverse DNS (provide hostname suffixes)
  • ASN check (requires dedicated ASN)
  • Downloader (provide url to public list of IP ranges)
  • Machine Learning (used when none of the above are available)

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