How does Stream Live price?

Frequently asked questions about Cloudflare Stream · Cloudflare Stream docs says that You pay $1 per 1000 minutes of delivered video

But I don’t understand how these 1000 minutes are calculated.

If I create three Stream Live media

  • the first one pushes for 100 minutes, and 10 people watch it completely for 100 minutes
  • the second one pushes for 200 minutes, and 50 people watch it completely for 200 minutes
  • the third one pushes for 300 minutes, but no one watches it.

So, how long should I pay for it?


Assuming $1 per 1000 minutes delivered (excluding the additional cost of storage), I guess:

  • the first one results in (10 * 100) minutes being delivered, so 1,000 minutes
  • the second one results in (50 * 200 minutes being delivered, so 10,000 minutes
  • the third one results in (0 * 300) minutes being delivered, so 0 minutes
    … for a total of: 11,000 minutes delivered across the three live streams. Which would cost: $11.