How does SSL work on workers?

I setup my registrar to point to from but it didn’t appear to work, despite putting route = “*

Do I need to put * zone on Cloudflare for this to work?? I really do not want to move the DNS hosting …

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That zone does indeed need to be on Cloudflare, even Workers only work on traffic that reaches Cloudflare first, and Cloudflare doesn’t allow CNAMEs to subdomains - if you want to only have that one of your domain’s subdomains on Cloudflare and don’t want to change your authoritative DNS, you can have a CNAME setup with the business plan:

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I don’t quite understand what you mean by “CNAME setup”

Do you mean I delegate say a subdomain, say “” from the authoritative DNS to a NS server hosted on Cloudflare?

Business plan I guess means I need to pay for this feature? My stuff here isn’t a business, so I am curious why this is considered a feature worth paying for.

The “Understanding a CNAME Setup” link explains it.

It’s a paid feature to not have to move your authoritative nameservers to Cloudflare entirely. If you don’t want to move them, you either pay for the business plan and ask for a CNAME setup (as said in the article), or you can’t use Workers in the way you’re trying to.

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