How does Pages handle updating the content?


I was wondering how Pages handles changes being made to your content. I applied some changes a few hours ago and they are not yet live. I checked using multiple browsers and set the cache time to 5 min and did a full cache purge. Is there something I missed?

How is this usually handled? So I can recognize when something is wrong in the future.

Thanks in advance!

How? If it was with Page Rules, you shouldn’t use any to alter the cache on Cloudflare Pages websites.

It’ll automatically invalidate it’s own cache on deploy.

I used “purge everything” in the cache configuration. It seems like the changes are live on my but they are not being applied yet to the custom domains. What factors could be in the way for this?

Thanks for the swift response

Like I said, make sure you’re not using Page Rules to cache - have you checked that?

ah, srr, i did check but there are none active